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“As a wine educator, I have never experienced such a luxury of wine choices for my classes. Brian went to great lengths to make sure the wines were the perfect ones to showcase the points I wanted to make. The facility is well-appointed and beautifully run. I wish Brian had an outpost in New York City; I would happily teach there any time I could!”

- Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine

“San Francisco Wine Center has highly knowledgeable staff, excellent classes and built-to-order special tasting combined with great customer service and pristine, organized storage for your wine.”

- John Hardesty, General Manager of Hundred Acre Winery


“The SF Wine Center is the best place in California to store wine for three simple reasons - excellent service, convenient, secure and safe storage, and everyone has a passion for wine. Brian and his team make sure that your needs are their #1 priority and you feel like part of a special family. The wine education and tasting series are a home run – I can introduce friends to great wines from around the world without leaving SF!”

- Greg Pelling, Wine Storage Member and Vice President/GM of FICO


"Brian hosts these incredible tastings at SF Wine Center. He takes the time to get to know what we typically like and then we taste and select wines together for our collection. Brian finds us rare and collectible wines and always at the best possible prices. It’s pretty much like having our own personal sommeliers to educate and guide us through the world of wine."

- Tim Treadway, Collector Client and CEO of SF Design Center


"Brian has created an incredible community for wine lovers of all levels; it’s a great place to go for storing, tasting and buying wine at the best prices around."

- Rodney Loo, Wine Storage Member and Senior VP of Morgan Stanley


"The SF Wine Center is one of my favorite places for wine tastings in the Bay Area. The wines are selected with a great deal of thought, making it feel like you are drinking from Brian's personal collection. Plus, the people leading the tasting classes are extremely knowledgeable and approachable, providing a great learning environment for anyone no matter what level of wine experience. Personally, I've gained a great deal of confidence from attending several tastings there, in that I feel more comfortable ordering wine outside my normal 'comfort zone' at restaurants. It really makes a difference to have the words to describe the kind of wine you like!" 

-Kirstin Thomas, Student at the Wine School @ SF Wine Center

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